How to become a fire ninja on Club Penguin

  Becoming a fire ninja on Club Penguin is a long and simple task.  If you want to become a fire ninja just follow this guide below:

  To start you need to go to the dojo courtyard which on the upper part of your map on Club Penguin. Now waddle over to the ninja hideout and click on the fire ninja stone on the left of the ninja hideout. When you click on it a door will appear, now go inside to get to the fire dojo on club Penguin.
 Now that you have arrived at the Card-jitsu fire dojo click on the on Sensei(Sensei has his fire suit on).  Sensei will give you the Card-jitsu fire deck for playing Card-jitsu fire. 
 Now to start a game on Card-jitsu fire click "earn your fire suit' shown here:
  You will now be in the middle of the volcano on Club Penguin. Now when you are playing Card-jitsu fire, when it is your turn use the highest number of your card depending on the element(fire, water, or snow). Now pick one of the rocks in the middle of the volcano(any is fine), It'll help pick your next move in the game Card-jitsu fire.
 After picking a rock and an element on the outer rocks. Now pick the highest card of that element . You keep doing this till you win or lose. It will take many games to earn each one of the Card-jitsu fire suits on Club Penguin shown here:
  After you have earned all of the four fire suits you will need to challenge Sensei, it will take a couple of tries. When you beat Sensei in Card-jitsu fire he will award you with the fire gem Shown here:
 Congrats on becoming a fire ninja on Club Penguin. I hope you have fun being a fire ninja. Have you become a fire ninja on Club Penguin? To let me know just comment


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