Cart Surfer Cheats

Below is the complete tutorial and cheats to the club penguin mini game 'cart surfer'. This mini game can be played in the mine.
If you want to obtain tons of coins on cart surfer do tricks and try to crash occasionally (this gives you more time to earn coins). Don't crash to many times as the game will end Below are a list of all the cart surfer tricks on club penguin:
  • 360 turn: Hit space and then <= or =>
  • Back flip: press the down arrow and then space
  • handstand: press the upwards arrow twice
  • Hit the downwards arrow twice
  • Spin: Press space and then <= or =>
  • turn: <= or =>
  • surf jump: up + space
  • handstand up + up
  • grind: down arrow and left or right arrow at the same time
The secret of scoring big at cart surfer is to do tricks. The more tricks you do on cart surfer the more coins you will earn on club penguin. To get over 400 coins in one game on the Club Penguin mini game cart surfer just do the up and down arrows repeatedly, doing grinds at every turn. If you have earned all of the cart surfer stamps then you get double coins. 
Cart surfer is a fast and exciting game on club penguin. If you need coins fast on club penguin just play cart surfer. Did this Club penguin mini game guide help you? To let me know just comment.


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