Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker July 2012

The Penguin Band is online early, helping us to prepare for the upcoming Ultimate Jam! They will be on the island for the next three weeks. Use the penguin band tracker below to find them as fast as possible:

About the Penguin Band:
 The penguin band consists of four members, G Billy, Franky, Petey K, and Stompin Bob. They are the official music band of the island of club penguin. The Penguin band makes appearances at the Ultimate Jam (Music Jam) and sometimes other parties. The first party they attended was the 2008 Music Jam. You could get there first background by collecting their instruments at the 2006 western party. They officially became mascots in 2008.
How to Find The Penguin Band On Club Penguin:
The Penguin band is hard to find all together, but can be found on club penguin separately in pairs of two. The penguin band goes to some of the biggest events on club penguin. Here is how to find the Penguin Band on club penguin:
  • The Penguin band goes to servers with 3-5 green bars. They could also be on full servers.
  • When a server suddenly gets full they will most likely be on it. 
  • In the early mornings or evenings check other language servers such as, German, Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese servers.
  • The Penguin Band can be found at the town, cove, coffee shop, plaza, forest, and lighthouse.
  • When you have found a member of the penguin band a blue stamp will appear on the upper right. This can help you know if they are in the room.
  • To get the penguin band's background click on the box icon on the lower left of their playercard.
  • You can become there buddy by clicking on the penguin icon; located on the lower left of there playercard.
 Have fun tracking the penguin band! The Ultimate Jam is right around the corner and that means that Rocky, CeCe, and Cadence will be attending the party as well! Have you met a member of the penguin band? Do you need help finding them? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


andybillson said...

Hay gpumkin thanks you I met franky ... But I need all other ones

Anonymous said...

need help plz help me find the band

Anonymous said...

you can find penguin band and cadence at the same time in the snow forts it says cadence contdown go in to the door and you find them when the time is out

thank you fro Woof Stitch

Isabella Antunes said...

eu estava destravando no cp o código da penguin band falou que eo link estava indisponivél. O que eu faço?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my little sister has the G Billy AND Franky STAMP but i dont know when or how! SADLY she didn't get the backrounds

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