Club Penguin Rocky & CeCe Tracker July 2012

 Rocky and CeCe from Shake it up are waddling around the island of club penguin for the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. They will be on club penguin for the Ultimate Jam until July 31. Rocky and CeCe will actually be controlling their penguins while online. Use the Rocky and CeCe tracker below to find them as fast as possible.
Status: Online
Server: Tracking
Room: Tracking
 Here is more trackers to help you find them as fast as possible:

How to find Rocky and CeCe on club penguin:
 Rocky and CeCe will be on club penguin for the next two weeks. They are hard to find, but can be found. Rocky and CeCe has only attended the Ultimate Jam party. Here is how to find Rocky & CeCe on club penguin:
  • CeCe and Rocky go to servers with 3-5 bars. They could also be on full servers.
  • In the early mornings or evenings check other language servers such as, German, Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese servers.
  • Rocy and CeCe can be found at the cove, forest, town, snow, forts, rooftop, mine shack, the concert room, and the V.I.P backstage.
  • Rocky is a aqua blue penguin with black hair, a sliver necklace, and a sparkling black dress.
  • CeCe is a yellow penguin with red hair, red shorts, and sparkling British shirt.
  • To get their background click on the box icon, located on the lower left of their playercards.
  • You can become there buddies by clicking on the penguin icon on the lower left.
Have fun tracking the new mascots, Rocky and CeCe from shake it up! Have you met Rocky and CeCe? Do you need help finding them? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


6 jeff hardy said...

help me plz

Secretmnm said...

I really need help! Most of the time I like to look on Zipline and Bobsled at the V.I.P Room and in the concert where Cadence performs her song every 20 minutes! Please help me! I am such a big fan of Clubpenguin And of course Cece And Rocky!I am desperate to look for them! P.S. I am really bad at finding characters of Clubpenguin, online for some reason, which I don't know!

Anonymous said...

Your tracker doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

thx ur tracker helped me very much

Anonymous said...

now that never worked

Anonymous said...

Are they ever on?

Seamus said...

This does not work

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