Club Penguin Puffles

Puffles are the pets on the club penguin island. Puffles are native to the wilds of club penguin, they are small, round, furry creatures. They make fantastic pets! Several different species have been discovered, and each color has its own unique personality. Everyone in club penguin can adopt 2 puffles (Red and Blue). Members can adopt every color and up to 20. Below is information on everything about puffles. Puffles are 800 coins and can be adopted at the pet shop located in the plaza.
The pet shop is the home to every color puffle. You can purchase food, furniture, and toys here for your puffles. You can adopt a puffle by clicking on the brown puffle house on the upper left or on the clipboard icon on the lower right of your screen.
To adopt a puffle you have two choices. You can take the quiz or just adopt one. The quiz asks you questions about club penguin, then they match you up with a puffle that is most like you based on your answers that you choose.
If you do not want to take the quiz, then you don't have to. Instead you can choose the puffle color you want. To do this, click on the puffle color you want and click adopt.
There are currently 10 puffles that you can adopt on club penguin and each one is different in all sorts of ways. Below you can find out more about each one:

Club Penguin Blue Puffles:
The blue puffle was one of the first puffles available for adoption and is one of the most popular puffles on the island. This is because he is one of the two puffles any penguin can adopt. Blue puffles are mild-tempered, content, and loyal. It's favorite toy is a ball. They're very easy to care for. You can easily purchase them for 800 coins.
Club Penguin Red Puffles:
Red puffles are very adventurous and enthusiastic. These puffles were brought to club penguin by Rockopper, when he found a ton of them on Rockhopper island. There favorite toy is the cannon and you bring them along to the mini game catchin' waves and they'll play as well. Any penguin can adopt the red puffle for 800 coins.

Club Penguin Pink Puffles:
Pink puffles are the cutest puffle of them all. They have active and cheery personalities. They love to exercise and there favorite game is aqua grabber. If you go to the iceberg and play aqua grabber they'll swim next to your submarine. These puffles can only be adopted by members for 800 coins.
Club Penguin Black Puffles:
Black puffles are shy and usually grumpy looking puffles. They are strong, but are great puffles to have on the island. They enjoy to skateboard and sometime can be very energetic. You can play the mini game cart surfer along with your black puffle and he will surf along side your penguin. You might also spot these puffles in thin ice and the psa missions. Black puffles can only be adopted by members for 800 coins.
Club Penguin Green Puffles:
Green puffles are probably the most energetic and funnest puffles around. They are very playful and their favorite toys are the unicycle and propeller cap. Green puffles love to clown around. Take a green puffle with you the next time on jet pack adventure and he can earn you some extra coins. Green puffles can only be adopted by members for 800 coins.

Club Penguin Yellow Puffles:
Yellow puffles are very creative. These puffles are artistic and spontaneous  Their favorite toys are the paintbrush and easel. They were first discovered at the 2007 Halloween party. A yellow puffle can go on the game DJ3K and help you mix music and get you more coins. Yellow puffles can only be adopted by members and are 800 coins.

Club Penguin Purple Puffles:
Purple puffles are fantastic dancers and love to dance. They are usually happy and their favorite toys are the bubble wand and disco bell. Cadence has a purple puffle and when she visits the island you might see it. These puffles can go on the mini game dance contest and help you get free coins. Purple puffles can be adopted by members for 800 coins.

Club Penguin White Puffles:
White puffles are very shy and is the smallest of all the puffes in club penguin. They were found in 2009 at the dojo before the first puffle party. These puffles can turn anything to ice with their breath. You can purchase them in the pet shop for 800 coins if you're a member. It's rumored that the white puffle may be able to go on the game sled racing one day.

Club Penguin Orange Puffles:
Orange puffles are zany and very goofy.They have buck teeth and sleep very deeply. These curious puffles love boxes and wagons that can go at fast speeds. These puffles are fairly new and were discovered in the box dimension. You can still see orange puffles flying around in there if you look closely! Members can adopt one today at the pet shop for 800 coins.

Club Penguin Brown Puffles:
Brown puffles are the newest puffle that can be adopted in club penguin. These puffles were discovered in a cave in the wilderness expedition in January 2011. Members could purchase one there. Brown puffles are intelligent and super smart. Brown puffles are afraid of balloons. Members can adopt one today at the pet shop for 800 coins.
How To Care For Your Puffles:
Puffles take a lot of attention and care. To keep your puffle healthy, play with it, ask it to sleep, feed it, or take it for a walk! As long as you take care of your puffle it will be waiting in your igloo. If you don't they will go back to the wild.

When you click on your puffle you will see their mood. If they are happy and well cared for, as shown below, they'll look like this:
If you do not feed your puffle, bathe it, or do anything to it, it'll be sad and look like this:
So, if they are sad you can do a number of things to make them happy. You can feed your puffle one of several things. A puffle O, cookie, gum, pizza, etc. Here's the food you can feed your puffle:
To care for them you can bathe them, comb them, walk, and let them sleep. Also, each puffle has toys that they can play with such as the ice skates and a skateboard. You can access these by clicking on the ball, comb, and sleep tabs on the toolbar.
On the left of the toolbar you can view your pet papers, certificate of adoption, and a guide on how to take care of your puffle. You also have the choice to let your puffle return to the wild if you feel you can't take care of it. 
Your puffles love to walk and are able to walk alongside your penguin in the club penguin game (one at a time). Click on the leash icon on the puffle card and it will go on a walk with you. It'll even dance with you when you click 'D' on your keyboard. When you're finished, click your player card, and then click the puffle to return it to your igloo.
This is the complete guide to puffles on club penguin. We hoped we helped.


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