Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test Cheats and Walkthrough

Club penguin has recently released the club penguin card-jitsu snow beta test on the club penguin island. Card jitsu snow is the final element of card-jitsu and is available to all players including non-members during the beta test. There are plenty of things the beta test has to offer. So, has provided you with the complete cheats and walk-through below. Now may I present you with our club penguin card-jitsu snow beta cheats guide:

Step 1. To access the beta test click on the following link: You will be greeted with a login screen regarding card-jitsu snow. Click the 'Login' button to log on club penguin.
Step 2. When you log on you'll start off in the snow dojo. Your penguin won't have any items, a penguin name, and a number of other basic features. Waddle to the green arrow to start playing card-jitsu snow. 
 Step 3. Now choose your element. You can pick from water, ice, or fire.
Step 4. Another screen will appear after you select your element. You can see your ninja's move, range, and damage stats. You can also check out the effects your power cards and combos will have on the card-jitsu villains. If you choose the wrong element don't worry, simply click the arrow buttons to select another. When you are ready to play club penguin card-jitsu snow click 'Play'. As you can see I selected the snow ninja.
Step 5. You will now have to wait until two other penguins join your game. As you wait you can check out an amazing loading screen which features three ninjas and the card-jitsu snow ninjas in a fierce battle. 
Step 6. You and the other two ninjas will start on the left whereas the card-jitsu snow villains start on the right of the mountain top. The game is separated into tiles where you move. You have the option of moving your character on any of the blue tiles. Once you have moved click on the villain to attack (If you are close). Card-jitsu snow is a strategic game much like the game of chess.  
Step 7. If one of the other ninjas gets defeated you can restore its health by clicking on the ninja when you see a white target on it. You can also do special attack on a villain via a power card. Each time you move or attack you gain experience and once it reaches full experience you get a power card! I recommend saving them until they are needed most. This is what it look likes when you have one:
Step 8. There are three rounds and if you complete the third a bonus round. If all of the ninjas run out of health the game is over. When you win or lose this should appear on your screen. On this pop-up message you can check see the coins you earned, the percentage of experience you have received till you have you next reward (card-jitsu snow boots, coat, etc), and card-jitsu snow stamps. Unlike other card-jitsu games it seems you will be able to earn coins for your penguin account.
At the top of the beta page you can log off, report a bug, and send feedback to club penguin on what you thought of card-jitsu snow. 

Club penguin card-jitsu snow has more than exceeded my expectations. It is really cool and I can't wait to see it released on the club penguin island in November. What do you think of the long anticipated club penguin card-jitsu snow beta test? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. 


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