Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker April 2013

Club penguin's mascot Aunt Arctic will be visiting the island for the 2013 Marvel Superhero Takeover. Now that Aunt Arctic has arrived on the club penguin island, it is our job here at GpumpkinCP to provide you with a 100% accurate Aunt Arctic tracker while she is online for April 2013. Below is the club penguin Aunt Arctic tracker that will help you find Aunt Arctic and get her new background and stamp. Refresh the club penguin Aunt Arctic tracker every 1-3 minutes for the best results.

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About Aunt Arctic:
Aunt Arctic is one of the original mascots on Club Penguin. The first party she attended was the 2009 penguin play awards. Aunt Arctic attends the Holiday party, superhero party, and the anniversary parties as well. Aunt Arctic writes most of the articles Club Penguin Times and has been since 2006. She loves puffles, enjoys typing, and helping penguins on the island. Aunt Arctic had the purple puffle before it was released. It was in her igloo on mission 1. Aunt Arctic is rumored to be the director on club penguin, the rumor became fact during operation blackout. Aunt Arctic was one of club penguin's first mascots and has visited the island multiple times ever since.

You can also try finding Aunt Arctic yourself. Here's a list of tips on tracking Aunt Arctic on club penguin:

How To Find Aunt Arctic:
  • Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with a pink toque, glasses, and and pencil.
  • Aunt Arctic can be found in any of the club penguin studios, coffee shop, town, snow forts, plaza, and special party rooms at the Marvel Superhero Party.
  • Aunt Arctic logs on to servers with 3-5 green bars during the daytime. She might also be on full servers.
  • During least crowded hours check Spanish, French, and Portuguese servers.
  • Aunt Arctic takes breaks once and a while and goes off for 10-15 minutes.
  • Some of Aunt Arctic's favorite servers are Aurora, Deep snow, and Abominable. 
  • Make sure to check crowded and or full rooms for Aunt Arctic.
  • When you find her, click on the box icon to obtain his autographed background.
  • You can also become Aunt Arctic's buddy by clicking on the penguin icon located on the lower left of his player card.
Aunt Arctic Finding Tips:
  • Our Aunt Arctic tracker is one hundred percent accurate and is constantly being updated. Refresh the tracker every few seconds for the best results.
  • Aunt Arctic can be on multiple servers at one time and is usually on crowded servers.
  • If you see a large group of penguins saying "Aunt Arctic!", chances are you have found her.
  • Check the party rooms first, on any server, club penguin mascots love these rooms.
  • Follow me on twitter as I will give out Aunt Arctic's location when she has been found.
  • Most of all, have fun tracking Aunt Arctic this month and good luck! 
Happy Tracking!


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