Club Penguin Sensei Tracker May 2013

Club penguin's mascot Sensei will be visiting the island for the release of card-jitsu snow and the 2013 card-jitsu party. Now that Sensei has arrived on the club penguin island, it is our job here at to provide you with an accurate Sensei tracker while he is online for May 2013. Below is the club penguin Sensei tracker for May 2013:

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About Sensei:
Sensei is the master of card-jitsu on club penguin and is one of the wisest characters on club penguin. He first appeared on the island in 2008 when the dojo got hit and damaged by lightning form the 2008 Halloween party, claiming to have come back from a long journey (In which he mastered all of the card-jitsu elements). Sesnei is a gray penguin with a white beard, thick white eyebrows, and a traditional Japanese straw hat. He can be found at the dojo sitting on a cushion on the upper right hand corner of the room. Sensei has trained countless ninjas and is still shrouded in mystery. It is rumored that sensei is one of the oldest penguins. Sensei was officially a mascot on club penguin as of November 2008 and has visited the island multiple times since then.

How to find Sensei:
  • Sensei is a gray penguin with a white beard, thick white eyebrows, and a traditional Japanese straw hat. 
  • Sensei can be found at the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Water Dojo, Fire Dojo, Snow Dojo, forest, plaza, town, and dock. 
  • Sensei takes breaks once and a while and goes off for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sensei logs into servers with 3-5 green bars during the mid-day hours. Sensei might also be on full servers.
  • During least crowded hours check Spanish, French, and Portuguese servers.
  • Some of Sensei's favorite servers are Zipline, Deep snow, Mountain, and Abominable. 
  • Make sure to check crowded and or full rooms for Sensei.
  • When you find him, click on the box icon to obtain his autographed background.
  • You can also become Sensei's buddy by clicking on the penguin icon located on the lower left of his playercard.
Sensei Finding Tips:
  1. Our Sensei tracker is one hundred percent accurate and is constantly being updated. Refresh the tracker every few seconds for the best results.
  2. Sensei can be on multiple servers at one time.
  3. If you see a group of penguins wearing ninja suits, chances are you have found him.
  4. Check the party rooms first, on any server, club penguin mascots love these rooms.
  5. Follow me on twitter as I will give out Sensei's location when he has been found.
  6. Most of all, have fun tracking Sensei this month and best of luck!
Happy Tracking!


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