Club Penguin Astro Barrier Cheats

Welcome to our Club Penguin Astro Barrier tutorial page. Here, on this page, you'll find the complete cheats, hints, and secrets to the mini game known as 'Astro Barrier' listed below. Astro Barrier is an arcade game just like frogger, galaxian, and so forth. This mini-game can be played at the dance lounge, located on the second floor of the dance club.

Astro Barrier is pretty simple Club Penguin game to play. Non-members can play up to level 5. However, members can play up to level 40, the last and most challenging level of the game. Your goal in Astro Barrier is to shoot all of the moving targets. Press the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move your ship across the screen. To shoot simply click the space bar. You have a limited amount of shots, so use them wisely. To finish a level, shoot all of the targets. 

Like every Club Penguin game, Astro barrier has several secrets which we will cover below. In astro barrier, you can skip levels right after clicking start. Press '1' to skip to level 10. Press '2' to skip to level 20. You can skip over to level 30 by pressing '3'. Blue targets give you an extra life if you shoot one. The secret levels  in Astro Barrier are accessible before level 11 begins. Wait the amount of 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship that appears. You'll now be in the secret levels!

Just like the secret levels you can access the expert levels before level 31 begins. Wait the amount of 30 seconds and shoot which in turn will make the turret hit the blue ship. You'll now be in the expert levels!

Another quick way to earn extra coins is by shooting targets and turrets on the instruction pages. That's all there is to it for the Club Penguin Astro Barrier game. Enjoy and we hoped this guide helped. 


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