Club Penguin Find Four Cheats

Find four is a multiplayer mini-game that you can play with your buddies on the Club Penguin island. Find four is located in the ski lodge, accessible from the ski village. Your objective while playing is to stack 4 find four pieces in a row. Depending on when you enter the game you'll either get blue or red playing pieces. Seems very simple, don't you think? Below you can find all of the cheats for Club Penguin find four.

To win, simply stack your pieces horizontally, straight, or vertically on the board. Be sure to watch your opponent's moves carefully since they are likewise trying to win. Whenever you get the chance, block your opponent's moves when they have 3 in a row. When you win you obtain 10 coins whereas you obtain 5 coins when you lose. By using these tips, you should be able to win the next time you play find four on Club Penguin.


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