Club Penguin Jet Pack Adventure Cheats

Below are the complete cheats and tips on how to beat the Jetpack Adventure mini game on the Club Penguin island. This Club Penguin game can be played at the beacon, as shown below by my penguin:

Grab a jet pack and fly across Club Penguin collecting coins for your penguin account. To move, use your arrow keys to maneuver the jet pack throughout your screen. While playing a level, keep a close eye out for fuel cans and jet packs as they are necessary to completing the game and obtain loads of coins. Watch out for obstacles such as sharks and anvils. To complete a level simply fly onto a landing pad. There is a total of 5 levels in all.

Players can bring along their green puffles which will fly around your screen collecting coins and much more. This is a great way to earn a plethora of extra coins. To receive a 1,000 coin bonus go though the game without obtaining any coins. This is obviously hard, but it can be done. I recommend not bringing your green puffle along when you try receive the bonus.


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