Club Penguin SoundStudio Cheats

Along with the release of the 2014 Music Jam, Club Penguin have released a brand new mini-game in the dance club called 'SoundStudio'. SoundStudio has replaced it's predecessor, DJ3K, and is a similar in-game experience; however, it's been totally revamped with the ability to save your own tunes, mix and rap music from various categories, and have other penguins like your tunes. Moreover, your song will automatically be played in the Dance Club after you've created it. Let's dive right into 'Club Penguin SoundStudio Cheats' proudly presented by Club Penguin Cheats below.

You can play SoundStudio in either the Dance Club or the Music Cruise (Only available to play on the music cruise for the 2014 Music Jam).

It's easy to get started, just waddle over to the SoundStudio DJ table and the following screen will appear. Members can share and save tracks whereas members are limited to only mixing music. Under the 'Shared Tracks' section you can jam to other penguin's created tracks.

SoundStudio allows players to choose from four genres to mix music from. The categories are as follows:
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Dance
  • Dubstep.
Select one of the four genres to get jamming. Each button makes a unique sound, based on the genre you selected, and the buttons are divided in two categories: loops and one-shots. Loops repeat while one-shots, as the name suggests, play once each time you press them. I suggest experimenting with each button to get a unique style you like. As a member you have the ability to save tunes. Hit 'Record' to save and share songs. Your song will immediately be placed in the 'Shared Tracks' section of the game. Shared tracks are played occasionally in the Dance Club and you have the option of playing them in your igloo. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be creating some fantastic tunes and be a rapper in no time. 





Once you've created a track you can choose which track to share and monitor how many likes it on the 'Saved Tracks' page. You can access this by clicking on the music note icon under the moderator badge. 

If you're track is being played in the Dance Club, your penguin will appear on the screen behind SoundStudio. Meanwhile, penguins in the room can like your track amidst it being played.

Similar to the like button in our igloos, you can like tracks once on a daily basis.

That concludes our Club Penguin SoundStudio Cheats. Personally, I love SoundStudio more so than DJ3K, it certainly has the much needed vibes DJ3K never possessed. Have fun mixing tracks and we hope we helped!


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