Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Cheats

If you've become a Club Penguin ninja, you're one step closer to mastering each of the the Card-Jitsu elements. There is Card-Jitsu fire - master the art of fire. Card-Jitsu Water - master the art of water. Card-Jitsu Snow - master the art of snow. Each of the elements overpower the other, leaving them as equals in power. This page is devoted to help you master the element of Card-Jitsu water and, therefore, it's loaded with information, tips, and tricks on how to become a Club Penguin water ninja and master Card-Jitsu water. Card-Jitsu water is no longer restricted to members, but non-members are now able to master the element of water. Upon becoming a water ninja you'll be one step closer on your journey to mastering each of the Card-Jitsu elements and achieving the status of a Card-Jitsu master. Below, we're proud to present you with our Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Water Cheats:

First off, go to dojo. You'll see three entrances, choose the one in the center to enter the water dojo.

Hidden beneath a waterfall, the water dojo is where you'll train to master the art of Card-Jitsu water. Now that you're inside the water dojo, talk to Sensei to begin your journey. You will be asked if you wish to speak with him once you've reach him, select 'Yes'. 

Before playing Card-Jitsu water, the Card-Jitsu water deck will be automatically add to your inventory. You have three categories to choose from, they are as follows:
  • Earn your Water Suit.
  • Challenge Sensei.
  • Instructions.
Since we are just beginning we won't need to challenge Sensei, but rather select 'Earn Your Water Suit' to play against you fellow trainees. Reference the 'Instructions' if you're struggling with the rudiments of the game.

You'll see the following loading page while you wait for your match. A maximum of four players can play and a minimum of two. Therefore, I recommend logging onto a busy server while earning your water suit so, you don't have to wait for opponents to join the game.

Card-jitsu water is all about how high your Card-Jitsu card is. Select a card to combat the element that is in front, to the left, or to the right of your avatar to vanquish it and continue moving forward. Still don't have the hang of it? Think of it in the following fashion. Use fire to defeat snow, snow to defeat water, and water to defeat fire. The bigger the element is, the larger the number on your card-jitsu card needs to be. Use power cards to easily get rid of the element that's opposing you. Moreover, it'll spill over and affect the element behind it. Note that using a fire on fire or vice versa with any element will only make it stronger and harder to get rid of. The goal in Card-Jitsu Water is to reach the gong first. Proceed as quickly as possible to do so. Hitting the going triggers a tidal wave and secures you first place. Your opponents will be swept off the waterfall and get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th depending on who falls off first. Once you get a hang of it, the game's really easy and really fun. Don't forget: you can always check your progress on the 'My Progress' tab accessible by clicking the three card-jitsu cards on the lower right of your screen.

Once you've won a certain amount of Card-Jitsu Water games, you can earn a Card-Jitsu water item. There are five Card-Jitsu water items which we've listed in the following legend. They will automatically be added to your inventory once you've won the approximate number of games we've listed alongside the various items. Often, games last for a few minutes and, therefore, your number of wins can be completed in at a short pace.
  • Wave Sandals (Approximately 5-10 wins).
  • Waterfall Coat (Approximately 25-30 wins).
  • Torrent Mask (Approximately 50-60 wins).
  • Helmet of Oceans (Approximately 90-100 wins).
  • Card-Jitsu Water Amulet (Defeat Sensei). 
Now that you've earned you're entire water suit, you're capable of defeating Sensei and earning the Card-Jitsu water amulet. If you're confident you can face Sensei without the proper training and earning of you're water suit, you'll find out the hard way you can't defeat him as he'll basically walk through the elements in a matter of seconds. When you think you're ready, walk up to Sensei and select 'Challenge Sensei' to begin. Treat the game as you would a regular game of Card-Jitsu water with your buddies and you'll find yourself with the Card-Jitsu water amulet. If you don't win the first time, no worries, you can battle Sensei as many times as you so wish. It usually takes 2-3 attempts. After you've defeated Sensei, you'll be a master of Card-Jitsu Water!

Finally, with your magnificent accomplishments comes the satisfaction to wear you water ninja suit and perform a special dance. Just wear your water sandals, waterfall coat, torrent mask, helmet of oceans, amulet, and click 'D' on your keyboard.

That's all of the cheats for Club Penguin Card-Jitsu water and we hope we've helped. If you require anymore assistance or help in becoming a water ninja, please, don't hesitate to leave us a comment in the comments section below.


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