We at Club Penguin Cheatso we believe, that, contributing to another website's SEO analytic is a friendly ethic, that has been persisting in Club Penguin since the past few years. Being a small division of the Club Penguin's Blogging Community, we consider it as a duty to, enhance the name and fame of your blog - only for a small amount of money.

If you're doubtful about the price, let us assure you, that, we don't allow any financial transactions or online money transfer to happen in our website. We'll accept, if you pay us for a certain duration of time with the below mentioned paying medium:
  1. 90 Hours: 1 Treasure Book Code of the current latest series.
  2. 1 month:   1 Week Membership in Club Penguin
  3. 3 months:  1 Months Membership in Club Penguin + (2) Treasure Book Codes
  4. 6 moths:    3 Months Membership in Club Penguin + (3) Treasure Book Codes

How do we work?

After confirming your purchase, your banner will be pasted on the footer/ widget on our site. Our clients will also receive the following gifts for the directed packages:
    • 90 Hours : A Postcard signed by the Team.
    • 1 Month  : A Custom Logo, A Postcard signed by the Team.
      • 3 months : A nomination from us to become the "Penguin of the Week", A Postcard, A friend request from Gpumpkin.
      • 6 months : A follow on Twitter from all of our team members, A Custom Graphic, Shoutout to you for a Week, A chance to become our next Featured Penguin, A Treasure Book Code, An exclusive postcard.

      What happens if the site is down?

      We're sorry for your inconvenience, if something such occurs. You'll have to wait patiently. Remember, we'll not fund for a second, if our site is down.

      Will you ever delete my banners?

      If your banner is auto updating and is inappropriate for our audience, or your website is engaged with anti- social activities or are irrelevant to Club Penguin; then there's a 101% chance of removing your banner.

      How will I purchase a package?

      Please note, that, we'll cherry-pick your details and your blog's, too, before advertising it. Please don't mind, if your order is dismissed from the team. As for now, you can purchase through sending us this form:

      -Club Penguin Cheatso Staff