Club Penguin Funny Pictures

On this page you'll find club penguin funny pictures. Enjoy! New funny pictures will be added occasionally down below. Check back often for more! 

Gpumpkin needs to go on a diet.

The irony! 

 Pie? Pie! I just love pie!

Why not, just one little bite. 

 This will be a piece of pie. "Eats pie".

Huh? I gotta get outta here, those penguins must think I'm a pie or something! 

Elmo?!? You've got to be kidding me.

Smoothies anyone? Chirp... chirp... chirp.... 

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Well then, we'll see about that "king Gpumpkin"! *Shoots Cannon* 

Woot! Go team red!

Wait Gpumpkin! That's not a pool!

Gpumpkin's day looks like it's going to get a lot better.

Ahh! It burns!!

Well, this helps a whole lot.

Night of the living popcorn! 

No, wait, what's going on!?!

Help!! Gpumpkin seems to stuck... again.

What the?!? What genius put these here!

If Rockhopper only knew what I did for him.

He won't stop stalking me!

You don't have to laugh about it Mr. green puffle. 

Oh, come on!!! It's stuck!

Psst... don't tell Herbert about this. ;-)

I'm stuck! Again...

Which puffle is which? 


Gpumpkin is very scared of fuzzy purple & yellow monsters.

The penguin didn't know what hit him.

What the!?! I'm all green!

The ninjas are always watching...