Meet The Team

Here at Club Penguin Cheatso we strive to provide you with the latest Club Penguin Cheats on Club Penguin. Everything you see on this website is contributed by the staff. So, why not get to know us a little more. Below, you can find some information about the Club Penguin Cheatso staff.

Penguin Name: Gpumpkin

Sites Role: Owner and Founder.

Biography: I'm Gpumpkin, but feel free to to call me 'G'. I am the owner (Administrator) and founder of Club Penguin Cheatso. Likewise, I own a mech mice blog known as I have been playing club penguin since October 2010 and loved it ever since. In April 2011 I began my blogging career. I do most of the posts on this website and obviously love doing it! My favorite colors are orange and blue. I enjoy playing soccer, blogging, and hanging out with friends in my spare time. Additionally, I love reading, especially western books. My favorite servers include: Beanie, Matterhorn and Snow Fort. Therefore, if you ever get a chance to see me on club penguin say 'Hi' and I will be sure to reply back.

Penguin Name: Wwerocks88

Sites Role: Retired Admin

Biography: Hey! I'm Wwerocks88, but you can call me "Wwe" or "Rocks". I'm an author and admin here on I started CP back in 2009 and began blogging about it in 2010. Hope to see you around! Waddle on!

Penguin Name: Arsenal55702

Sites Role: Retired Admin

Biography: Hey, I'm Arsenal55702! I am a blogger and I work for several blogs. I play football and other sports. My favorite colors are blue and red.

Penguin Name: Dpd2000

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: I am Dpd2000. My penguin was created in the Summer of 2007, which is when I experienced my love for the online game of Club Penguin. Moving along the years of playing, I came across Armies on the island of Club Penguin, so I went to investigate. Currently, I am a member of the Club Penguin Army Community. Later on, I felt as if I needed something more exciting, something where I can share my passion for Club Penguin. Thus, here I am, at my first Blog. Go to! Keep Waddling, Dpd2000

Penguin Name: Goats

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hello! I have been playing Club Penguin since 2005; in fact, I am a beta tester. I recently came back to the community to write on different Club Penguin blogs; writing is one of my passions. I did try to open one of my own, but I do not like how it turned out. I hope you enjoy my posts!

Penguin Name: Lizard15

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey, I'm Lizard15. I'm an experienced Club Penguin blogger who has been waddling around the island since 2007. Hope to see you around! :)

Penguin Name: Commdergree8

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey there, I'm Commdergree8. I am an author here on Club Penguin Cheatso. I own a club penguin blog known as and have my very own YouTube channel. I started playing club penguin in November 2010 and  I began blogging in May 2011. I post rarely, but I enjoy every second of it. My favorite colors are Green and Orange. I play football, card games, and online games whenever I get the chance. My favorite servers include: Sleet, Bunny Hill, and Mammoth. I mostly hang out out the dance club, cove, and dock so, if you want to meet me check those rooms first. If you find me I'll make sure to add you although you can send me a buddy request as well and do the same.

Penguin Name: Lionpolice

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey Penguins! I'm Sam ( AKA Lionpolice). I'm a Club Penguin enthusiast who loves to waddle by the shores of the snowy island of Club Penguin. I love to meet new people and search for new adventures. If we ever meet, don't be shy to say, 'Hi"!

Penguin Name: Troy56021

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey there! I'm Troy56021, and I have been playing Club Penguin since 2005. I am buddies with all of the mascots and lots of Club Penguin moderators. I like blogging, and I am a proud author here. You will often see me on less-popular servers on the weekends, and more-popular servers on weekdays. My favourite servers are Zipline, Alpine, Fog and Christmas. You will always see me wearing the same green jumper, orange spiky hair, sunglasses necklace and blue shoes. I will often change my outfit for special occasions for parties, for example the holiday parties etc.. I hope to see you around!

Penguin Name: Shubbs03

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey! I'm Shubbs03 but you can call me Shub for short. I made my penguin in 2009. Also I know a lot about cp. I blog for a few other sites like so make sure to check it out!

Penguin Name: Coollegoguy4

Sites Role: Retired Author

Biography: Hey there! I am Coollegoguy4, but you can call me Jack. I am a boy and I am 12 years old. I live in London, in the United Kingdom and I love to play Club Penguin and blog about it. I also work on other sites such as and I hope to see you around some time! Waddle on.

-Club Penguin Cheatso Team