Club Penguin Trackers 2016

Welcome to our Club Penguin trackers page! Here you'll find Club Penguin trackers for 2016. This page contains tips on how to find them and extra information regarding each of the Club Penguin mascots. 

While mascots are waddling around the club penguin island, it is our job here at Club Penguin Cheatso to provide you with 100% accurate trackers. Below we have provided you with links to our Club Penguin trackers. Be sure to use them to locate your favorite mascots as quick as possible

Aunt Arctic Tracker - Meet Aunt Arctic, the newspaper's chief editor, using our Club Penguin Aunt Arctic tracker. In a matter of no time you'll have her stamp and obtain Aunt Arctic's free autographed background.

Cadence Tracker - Find DJ Cadence using our Club Penguin Cadence tracker! Once you have met her you can collect your very own autographed background and even add her to your friends list.

CeCe Tracker - CeCe and Rocky from, Shake it Up, have become Club Penguin mascots for the Ultimate Jam. In a matter of minutes you'll be jamming with CeCe and get a autographed background using our Club Penguin CeCe tracker.

Gary Tracker - Find Gary the Gadget Guy, EPF agent and inventor, using our Club Penguin Gary Tracker. In a few minutes, you will have found Gary and obtained his very own background and stamp.

Gpumpkin Tracker - Want to hang out with Gpumpkin, the owner and founder of You can now by using our accurate Club Penguin Gpumpkin tracker.

Herbert Tracker - The infamous villain, Herbert P. Esquire, has recently become a Club Penguin mascot. In order to find him, or should I shall I say bring him to justice, use our accurate Club Penguin Herbert Tracker.

Moderator Tracker - Want to meet one of the popular Club Penguin's moderators who help keep the island safe? You can now using our accurate Club Penguin Moderator Tracker.

Penguin Band Tracker - Rock out with the Penguin Band's four members Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin Bob using our Club Penguin Band tracker.

Puffle Handler Tracker - Ever wanted to meet the Puffle Handler on Club Penguin? You can now using our Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker and obtain her background, autographed and all.

Rockhopper Tracker - Meet Club Penguin's famous pirate mascot, Rockhopper, using our Club Penguin Rockhopper tracker. He recalls his adventures while he's waddling around and you may even get a glimpse of Yarr, Rockhopper's puffle.

Rocky Tracker - CeCe and Rocky from, Shake it Up, have become Club Penguin mascots for the Ultimate Jam. Use our Club Penguin Rocky Tracker to find Rocky and collect her rare background.

Rookie Tracker - Meet the silliest mascot of them all, Rookie, with our Club Penguin Rookie tracker. Rookie is referred to as the PR (Public Relations) officer for the EPF and attends monthly parties such as the April Fools Day party.

Sensei Tracker - Use our accurate Club Penguin Sensei tracker to locate and meet the Card-Jitsu master, Sensei.